Episode #195 – The Amazing Race 29 Episode 7 Recap

Michael & Logan return to recap the seventh episode of Amazing Race 29 and its visit to Venice, Italy! In this episode:

  • We talk about extracurricular activities.
  • Has Michael ever mentioned going to Venice?
  • Why is the entire cast full of bullies?
  • We talk about Scott’s podcast.
  • Logan raps.
  • Why was this detour not as bad as it may have appeared?
  • Who emulates Jeff Probst?
  • Someone gets to be a f-ing superhero!
  • A reign comes to an end.
  • Who are the villains *really*?
  • Michael calls a winners’ edit.
  • The one remix a season rule is invoked.
  • What is our pub quiz team name?
  • Logan sings songs from Grease badly.
  • Redmond exaggerates.
  • We talk the bags that people packed.
  • Someone goes Italian.
  • Can Logan remember his Christmas present?
  • Should you swim in the Grand Canal?
  • Stairs are never good in Venice.
  • Has Pokémon made it to Canada?
  • Michael fake laughs.
  • Who is the new Courtney Yates?
  • Logan’s Joey impression gets even worse (somehow)!
  • We dissect everyone’s edits.
  • Flo Rida makes an appearance.
  • Allan Wu’s successor finally finishes waiting.
  • Someone earns permanent thug lyfe status.
  • Who will be U-Turned?
  • Which Racer would you rather punch you in the face?
  • What is the placement tiebreaker?
  • We hate Speed Bumps.
  • Is a Switchback coming?
  • And who will be eliminated next?

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