Episode #196 – The Amazing Race 29 Episode 8 Recap

Michael & Logan return to recap the eighth episode of Amazing Race 29 and its visit to Greece! In this episode:

  • We discuss the NHS hack.
  • Logan premieres a new impression.
  • There’s some terrible editing.
  • We discuss the world’s worst song lyrics.
  • Does Scott have an Express Pass?
  • There’s a tangent about weird Canadian board games.
  • CBS get congratulated.
  • What will happen if there is a season 30? (Spoilers: there is)
  • Brooke gets a frankenedit.
  • The intro music might be getting remixed.
  • Internal flights are the worst.
  • Who is a Super Punch-Out!! character?
  • Logan makes more insensitive jokes about Colorado.
  • How did Michael watch the episode?
  • Why was one task particularly offensive?
  • We discuss TLC’s programming.
  • Logan knows old people.
  • The U-Turn placement was actually not terrible.
  • Was Phil in heat?
  • We suggest another cameo.
  • Why is Logan being so slow with the TARstorian project?
  • A secret scene sheds light on one argument from the episode.
  • Can Liz actually drive?
  • How do you win a poop airtime battle?
  • Logan gets immature.
  • Scott goes a bit Tyra Banks.
  • There’s an unaired partner switch.
  • Rupert reappears!
  • Who is the biggest threat left?
  • Logan picks the wrong Canadian team.
  • How much does Mike hate stairs?
  • There’s a joke so dirty that even Logan disapproves.
  • We go to our Olympic correspondent.
  • How tough are Tara & Joey?
  • We complain about Speed Bumps some more.
  • Logan recasts the Roadblock.
  • Is Tara in the army?
  • There’s more dreadful Joey impressions.
  • How many people in this cast were in a marching band?
  • Which Racer would ace Amazing Race Canada?
  • Phil tries another Blind Date season.
  • The Speed Bump creeped out Logan.
  • We talk leg averages.
  • Were the next two legs supposed to be a double?
  • Which Route Marker in Amazing Race history does Michael know best?
  • Who will be eliminated next?
  • And has Liz ever watched House of Cards?

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