Episode #197 – The Amazing Race 29 Episodes 9 & 10 Recap

Michael, Logan & Michelle return to recap the ninth & tenth episodes of Amazing Race 29 and its Vietnam legs! In this episode:

  • Will we actually be podcasting about Amazing Race Canada?
  • What are Michelle & Logan’s greatest fears?
  • Did the U-Turn actually have an effect last week?
  • Is Joey a liar?
  • Scott swears.
  • Why do people say that Brooke is worse than Flo?
  • Michelle is gullible.
  • Michael gives a Netflix recommendation.
  • Who is the biggest poser in this cast?
  • Someone commits a cardinal sin.
  • We delve into an alternate universe.
  • Who was the first Communist action hero?
  • Logan makes jokes about Dong.
  • Lil Bow Wow gets jealous.
  • We get all the stories from the pharmacy.
  • Would the fun meter have survived a bungee jump?
  • We go a bit Robin Williams.
  • We have a new theme song courtesy of one Racer.
  • Michael asks for a klaxon.
  • How do you decide between a truck, a roadrunner and a Motorboating Nixon?
  • Michelle struggles to keep up.
  • Logan refuses to do an impression.
  • Why are people scared of ladders?
  • What is “the ladder” code for?
  • Are Brooke & Scott the best ‘hot mess’ team ever?
  • We talk about how Phil talks.
  • Someone needs a bucket of cold water.
  • Why did Joey collapse?
  • Who is the biggest fan of Pussycat Dolls?
  • Can you name all of Charlie’s Angels?
  • One Racer becomes Jon Snow.
  • Logan talks baseball.
  • When is an underdog story actually a comeback story?
  • We have suggestions for the gnome.
  • Michelle improves the Speed Bump and then wants to fix her child.
  • What rapper is Phil actually?
  • What was the key to the Roadblock?
  • One Racer channels China-era Probst.
  • There’s some more mean challenges.
  • Logan apparently has a connection to an Amazing Race Canada alumnus.
  • How would Production have dealt with a double medevac?
  • It all goes a bit Ke$ha.
  • One Racer has a Solitary experience.
  • We discuss weird Pit Stop entrances.
  • Who is Baby Mario?
  • Brooke insults Redmond.
  • One team goes Freaky Friday.
  • The episode gets bookended.
  • Logan talks Street Fighter.
  • We (literally) eulogise one team.
  • Who is most likely to play video games?
  • And who will be eliminated next?

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