Episode #198 – The Amazing Race 29 Episode 11 Recap

Michael & Logan return to recap the penultimate episode of Amazing Race 29 and its visit to Seoul, South Korea! In this episode:

  • Logan loves Street Fighter.
  • Who is most Heisenberg?
  • What will Logan’s future hobby be?
  • When can Scott’s secret Express Pass be used until?
  • We talk about K-Pop rehearsals.
  • How could London & Logan get less of an edit?
  • How should Korean boxers train?
  • We confirm a location for Amazing Race 30.
  • Where do the most endangered species in the world live?
  • Logan gets hair envy.
  • Where in Canada is most likely to partake in cup stacking?
  • Brooke is Oprah.
  • What did Joey think the first Roadblock was about?
  • We suggest a gift for one Racer.
  • How could All-Stars get worse?
  • What is our most frequently joked-about topic?
  • Logan takes us through the unaired handicaps.
  • Is age a barrier for video games?
  • We pick apart some of the unfortunate quotes from the Street Fighter task.
  • Sisters play video games too!
  • We invoke Roger Ebert.
  • There’s a critique of Street Fighter charaters.
  • What should Brooke & Scott have won?
  • Someone gets the Tyra Banks treatment.
  • Logan makes an error about video games.
  • What’s with all the standing ovations lately?
  • We briefly discuss Survivor New Zealand.
  • What will be our next Amazing Race season?
  • Michael spots a subtle editing joke.
  • What was Tara’s last game?
  • Michael busts a myth (slightly inaccurately).
  • We talk placement averages, exposing a record that is actually up for grabs next week.
  • What do we expect from Amazing Race 30?
  • Michael issues an ultimatum.
  • And who will win?

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