Episode #199 – The Amazing Race 29 Finale Recap

Michael & Michelle return to recap the finale of Amazing Race 29 and its visit to Chicago. In this episode:

  • Did we approve of the winners?
  • Michelle plays Top Trumps.
  • Someone’s been hacked.
  • Why did Production try to spoil the ending?
  • What is Michael’s biggest complaint about the season?
  • What is Premium Economy?
  • We compare our quick driving skills.
  • Michael pilfers a feature from another podcast.
  • Is checking bags in cheating?
  • Did one Racer edit their bio to hint at their partner?
  • Michelle wants a hot dog.
  • Has Amazing Race ever not been a social game?
  • Why have people gone so crazy?
  • We ask for suggestions for Podcast #200.
  • We reveal a slight prank that was played on Logan.
  • Michelle mentions her Sydney races a few times.
  • A Superfan card gets revoked.
  • We both hate running.
  • Why was this season filming for so long?
  • Why was part of the hot dog task unaired?
  • Are hot dogs like McDonalds?
  • Why are there stands on rooftops?
  • Michelle asks for some American contact.
  • Will someone get us some merchandise?
  • Michael defends the final challenge.
  • How did the Red Sox get someone in trouble?
  • Why will Logan be smug?
  • We defy the rubbish about this being the worst season or winners ever.
  • Michelle hasn’t been listening.
  • We actually get some listener questions.
  • What makes a good season?
  • Michelle talks about Bertram’s room.
  • Why won’t we see a familiar face on Australian Survivor?
  • Trolls have taken it too far.
  • And we eulogise the season.

Thank you everyone so much for listening all season – we’ll be back for Podcast 200 very soon!

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