Podcast #200 – The Amazing Race Canada 5 Season Preview

Logan & Michael (reluctantly) return to preview the upcoming Amazing Race Canada Season and celebrate TWO HUNDRED PODCASTS! In this very special episode:
• We switch things up for the 200th episode.
• We spitball some alternative intros.
• Why are we podcasting this season?
• What is the current state of play for Amazing Race Canada?
• There’s a yacht story!
• Why are we apprehensive about the season?
• We discuss our varied history with YouTubers.
• Why is everyone so young?
• Why is targeting millennials stupid?
• Logan has been watching videos.
• Michael calls out whoever edits the website.
• Someone breaks the MH rules.
• We forgot to do something very important.
• Will the Quebec legacy continue?
• Logan talks basketball.
• One sponsor is a bit creepy.
• What sort of things should you bring on the Race?
• Why are there so many Congolese racers?
• Michael has no idea about sport.
• Who is the new Mel White?
• Pizza Pizza gets a shoutout.
• Why are some first boots forgettable?
• We recap Logan’s latest trip to LA.
• Has Logan had boxed wine?
• What is an autobiography?
• One team is so bad that they’ll finish eleventh out of ten.
• Is there an obvious winner?
• How do you prepare for a Race themed around Canada 150?
• What is the normal reaction to a team comparing themselves to the VoldeMussolinis?
• We discuss Alex Trebek’s rapping.
• Logan ruins a great joke.
• One Racer is a huge Big Brother fan.
• Something is finally made Podcast canon.
• How do you find a Saunders grave?
• One Racer isn’t a Survivor fan.
• Two items brought by one team are a bit sinister.
• Where’s Monty?
• How did one team prepare for a gross food challenge?
• Logan shows off his Magic Mike knowledge.
• Michael knows a hip hop song.
• We outdo Sir Mixalot.
• One team channels Tobias Fünke.
• A walk-on song is a callback joke!
• How is Amazing Race Canada like Whose Line Is It Anyway?
• Who is the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog?
• Lame Roadtrips.
• Why does Ultimate Frisbee make Logan hate a team?
• Why is one team a less-successful Kaylani & Lisa?
• When is a word not a word?
• Who is not a Hershey bar?
• And how should you imagine Michael to be dressed while he’s podcasting?

Thank you to everyone who’s listened over the past two hundred episodes – here’s to hundreds more (just maybe not Amazing Race Canada ones…)


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