Episode #201 – The Amazing Race Canada 5 Episode 1 Recap

Michael & Logan return to recap the first episode of Amazing Race Canada 5 and its visit to Signal Hill, NL & Vancouver, BC. In this episode:

  • What is the most natural reaction to the season so far.
  • We’ve had some listener feedback for once.
  • Does anyone care about Canada 150?
  • Someone takes fashion tips from a Survivor.
  • One team stole our joke.
  • How is Amazing Race Canada anyone’s favourite summertime adventure?
  • How do you get Amazing Race Canada to visit your town?
  • What prize should have been offered this year?
  • Which Racers are most likely to know morse code?
  • Is taking a penalty ever a good idea?
  • Why did they brag about the underwhelming level of travel?
  • Logan can’t read his handwriting.
  • We discuss covert sponsors.
  • Michael makes a bold memory challenge prediction.
  • One team was watching too much Belgian Mole in sequester.
  • We talk about the episode titles.
  • Will the VoldeMussolinis get superceded?
  • How would we troll our partner on the Race?
  • Monty loses our trust.
  • Logan spots a Mole clue.
  • How do you differentiate between Shamir & Shabbir?
  • What should the quit penalty really have been?
  • Logan returns to his joke-ruining ways.
  • We reluctantly discuss the most bullshit twist ever created.
  • Should Amazing Race Canada have a hiatus?
  • And we answer your questions, including hugging, fighting and regrets.

2 responses to “Episode #201 – The Amazing Race Canada 5 Episode 1 Recap

  1. Hey guys, love your podcasts and blog posts, thanks for the great content. I’ve noticed that Michael has mentioned Hamerotz quite a few times and it sounds like he’s watched the show before. I was wondering, if he has, how does he find them? The episodes are geoblocked on the show’s respective channel’s website, and I can’t find them anywhere else around the internet save for the first episode on YouTube.

    Regardless of whether or not you get back to me, thanks for putting in the time to this blog, I really enjoy it (I officially started following it today but have been paying attention to it for quite a while)!


    • Hi Carl,

      Thanks for the kind words. I’ve not actually seen a full episode, but I’ve seen clips of some of the more…creative tasks and obviously read the write-ups. It’s been one of our missions over the past few years to get it subtitled so we can cover the living hell out of it (especially with the second episode of the new season, which we know a little about!)

      Thanks again,


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