Episode #202 – The Amazing Race Canada 5 Episode 2 Recap

Logan & Michael return for a perfectly sensible and not-at-all sleep-deprived recap of the second episode of Amazing Race Canada 5. In this episode:

  • Michael predicts the intro again.

  • Logan loves cheesecake.

  • What is the mission for the Summer?

  • Has Monty been watching other franchises?

  • We discuss basement sports.

  • We’ve finally found a bit of the podcast that Production have listened to.

  • Did this episode get a last minute edit?

  • Why are we seeing so many Express Passes?

  • How can we make the Express Pass actually interesting?

  • Logan switches up the format.

  • What’s our history with high ropes courses?

  • Why didn’t we see a bonus task for the Express Passes?

  • We discuss Amazing Race Philippines 1.

  • Why didn’t Andrea & Ebonie take a penalty on the maths challenge?

  • Is Monty a show-off?

  • We’re doing a rankdown, but has Logan told all his stories on the podcast?

  • Was the detour insensitive?

  • Michael overestimates his weight.

  • We bring back our favourite impressions from TAR29.

  • Michael makes an apology.

  • Why does Fort McMurray have an airport?

  • Logan plugs his Funniest Complaints blog (obviously).

  • Are Production trolling us?

  • What P-Words would Andrea & Ebonie say?

  • Does anyone know Canada’s national anthem?

  • What songs does Michael play in the car?

  • Why did Logan have beer thrown at him?

  • Logan laments the lack of shirtless men.

  • Who is the new James Duthie?

  • What is a triple threat?

  • Can you be scared of falling but not heights?

  • Is someone hunting Logan’s family?

  • What is the main thing in this episode that proves why TARC should travel outside its borders?

  • Monty loves UFC.

  • Did both Andreas do something unintentionally really offensive this week?

  • When have hoses appeared in music videos?

  • We discuss one of the best complaints ever.

  • Michael steals a joke.

  • We talk Deputies.

  • Can you really expect anything in return for an Express Pass?

  • An impression goes so wrong that a new one may just have to be born out of it.

  • Which team is literally the epitome of Production’s strategy for the season?

  • And who will (not) be eliminated next week?


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