Episode #203 – The Amazing Race Canada 5 Episode 3 Recap

Logan & Michael return to recap the third episode of Amazing Race Canada 5 and celebrate Michelle & Logan’s birthdays! In this episode:

  • Logan has a surprising intro.
  • Is the Express Pass still relevant?
  • One of our impressions gets some praise for once.
  • The Podcast gets a tagline.
  • There’s a surprising Canada 150 challenge.
  • It all gets a bit filthy.
  • What’s the best way to hand out an Express Pass?
  • Which team is actually the most dominant this season?
  • Someone needs some new glasses.
  • What is Logan’s Amazing Race Canada destiny?
  • What was wrong with the press pictures for this episode?
  • Michael has been talking about Amazing Race at work.
  • We try and predict the theming for Big Brother Canada 6.
  • Who *really* wants to hang with Bob?
  • Has Michael’s strategy for the podcast been rumbled?
  • What is our biggest complaint this season?
  • Why has the Big Brother Canada resurrection dashed all our hopes?
  • The Give’r count gets updated.
  • Everyone’s favourite part-time serial killer from Hunted returns.
  • Logan tries not to insult Sarajevo.
  • Michael pulls up Production for the detour.
  • What was the theme of the locations this week?
  • Monty gets a new job.
  • Does someone hear upbeat voices?
  • Someone channels Tramel & Talicia.
  • How could Karen & Bert be so wrong with their placement?
  • Logan backtracks on a prediction he made last week.
  • Would Production have scrapped the Triple Express Pass if they’d been able to see the future?
  • The eliminated team gets an apology.
  • We brace for the casual hate over international travel.
  • How many Express Passes will we see next season?
  • And who will (not) be eliminated next week?

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