Episode #204 – The Amazing Race Canada 5 Episode 4 Recap

Logan & Michael return to recap the fourth episode of Amazing Race Canada 5 and its return visit to Vancouver and trip to Beijing! In this episode:

  • We rank N’Sync.
  • Production actually surprised us for once.
  • What will the structure of the next episode be?
  • Michael teases a task that wasn’t included in the preview.
  • Are Monty’s recaps hinting at the winners?
  • Should we hatewatch other Amazing Race Canada recaps?
  • We talk Parks & Recreation.
  • We (correctly) predict the Fast Forward.
  • Will there be a reserve team for Amazing Race Canada 6?
  • How did Andrea & Ebonie burn through so much money?
  • What does “panda” actually mean
  • How much luck went into the Roadblock?
  • Did Kevin & Ryan get a time credit?
  • Logan knows all the episode titles with the word “butt” in them.
  • What was the fourth language for the Great Wall challenge?
  • Why did they really visit the Canadian Embassy?
  • Logan gives some Chinese travel advice.
  • It all goes a bit Disney or Sound of Music, depending on who you ask.
  • Did Korey & Ivana *really* have the worst cab driver in the world?
  • How can you be homesick after a day?
  • What task will Monty demonstrate next week?
  • A Big Brother Canada favourite makes a surprise appearance.
  • We discuss wonky edits…in French!
  • Michael watches diving videos.
  • Someone gets some Weibo content.
  • We update the Give’rs.
  • Logan wants to spice up the Roadblock.
  • Was this really a Pit Stop?
  • An argument is refused.
  • Was the prize one of the best ever?
  • We’ve both had tweets from people involved in the season, but does Mike Bickerton still hate Michael?
  • Someone goes a bit Street Fighter.
  • Was Korey showing off?
  • Valley Girl Monty returns.
  • When is soup like spinach?
  • And we answer your questions, with one great suggestion on how to liven up non-elimination legs.

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