Episode #240 – “Have Faith In Me, Radoski” – An Amazing Race 29 Special with Michael Rado!

Michael & Logan are back once more to chat to one of our podcast drunkles, Michael Rado. In this episode:

  • Rado tries to claim a title.
  • We accidentally date the podcast again.
  • What happened at the 29 finish line?
  • How was Rado cast?
  • Would Rado have made the same choice with all the options at the start line?
  • Who went on the trips they won?
  • Does Rado regret helping Brooke?
  • What happened when no-one was allowed to be friends?
  • Does Liz have magical map powers?
  • Mike critiques our impression.
  • A running joke bears fruit finally.
  • Why didn’t Rado meet Logan at the finale?
  • Where is the most convenient place for us all?
  • How sober was Logan at the 29 finale?
  • Michael discusses his favourite audition video again.
  • Why did Vanck & Ashton get U-Turned?
  • How would Rado have fared in Vietnam?
  • We obviously discuss the Scott scream.
  • Rado makes a tattoo bet.
  • What was the biggest thing we didn’t see?
  • What should you do if you accidentally encounter a wild Covino?
  • Logan gets exposed as being Uncanadian.
  • We take our usual Belgian Mole detour.
  • Were there any countries Rado was disappointed not to go to?
  • Did Mike & Liz prepare for a memory challenge?
  • Rado makes a swift exit.
  • And we make not at all timely predictions for Survivor New Zealand and South Africa by recording them before the most recent episodes aired.

One response to “Episode #240 – “Have Faith In Me, Radoski” – An Amazing Race 29 Special with Michael Rado!

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