Episode #241 – “It’s Never The Quiet Ones” – An Amazing Race 29 Special with Brooke Camhi!

Michael & Logan return once more to have an audience with the Queen of Amazing Race – Brooke Camhi – and chat about everything Amazing Race 29. In this episode:

  • Brooke & Logan become hair buddies.
  • We beg for compliments.
  • What was it like to be around Scott’s scream first-hand?
  • Brooke got recognised.
  • Can Brooke laugh at the Greece & Vietnam leg now?
  • Brooke has a very appropriate Amazing Race connection.
  • Michael toots his own horn.
  • Brooke reveals a secret about the cast bios.
  • How was Brooke cast?
  • Who was Brooke’s second choice?
  • Would 29’s cast have still been the same even without a schoolyard pick?
  • Where did Brooke want to go?
  • How miserable was the Greek ferry?
  • What is Brooke scared of?
  • What was the biggest mistake that Brooke & Scott made?
  • Brooke finally realises the main aim of Amazing Race.
  • We teach Brooke about Amazing Race Canada.
  • We discover Scott’s dark side.
  • We discuss the U-Turn drama and how Brooke made amends.
  • What was the biggest challenge Brooke faced?
  • How subtle were Scotty’s comments?
  • Did Scott ever find his express pass?
  • Brooke volunteers to watch something with us.
  • Would Brooke do Survivor?
  • How did Brooke & Scott win?
  • There’s a pop quiz.
  • Why couldn’t we see Scott skydive?
  • Michael reveals a secret about the intro music.
  • A myth gets busted.
  • We talk about audition tapes.
  • What was the last thing Brooke cried at?
  • We briefly discuss how much TARC sucks.
  • What aftercare is available in the Race?
  • What were the abandoned episode titles for Rado?
  • Why was Brooke’s edit so negative?
  • When did the Race become a bit more Brooke?
  • How was Vietnam?
  • We discuss swollen feet.
  • Which quotes annoyed people so much?
  • Did Brooke hate Vanck & Ashton?
  • What did TAR teach Brooke?
  • We ask personal questions.
  • Logan gets corrected.
  • Was there anything Brooke regretted bringing?
  • How did Brooke try and cover up being upset?
  • Brooke tries to get us to sing.
  • Go-to karaoke songs.
  • Who would we race with?
  • Which ride at Disney removes kidney stones?
  • Logan reveals everything about his imaginary friend.
  • Why did Logan kill a family pet?
  • South America has weird ice creams.
  • We suffer the wrath of pecan.
  • And the outro gets heckled.

Join us next week when we talk to Scott Flanary (spelt like Canary!)

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