Episode #243 – “Dalmatians Have Souls Too” – An Amazing Race 26 Special with Hayley Bivens!

Michael & Logan are back again to break down Amazing Race 26 with another star of the show – Hayley Bivens. In this episode:

  • What is Hayley’s legacy?
  • Why did Logan need Hayley so much?
  • Does Hayley actually have cats?
  • How was the Amsterdam cycle?
  • We spot a trend in our interviews.
  • What are Hayley’s favourite numbers?
  • How was Hayley cast?
  • We worry for Hayley’s safety.
  • We get all the Phil stories.
  • Hayley gives us the lowdown on the jack shack.
  • What pre-Race misconceptions did Hayley have?
  • What should you bring on the Race?
  • Was Hayley topless in her audition video?
  • How nervous was it running to the start line?
  • We talk video games.
  • Why did Blair & Hayley do so badly initially?
  • Why is Hayley such a perfectionist?
  • We discuss Hayley’s love of Jonathan Knight.
  • The Save is brought up.
  • Why did Hayley shout so much?
  • Who were 26’s most-compatible couple?
  • Who do we hold responsible for the entire cast of 26 knowing of us?
  • Would Hayley ever dream of spitting on a potato?
  • How did Blair & Hayley win in Monaco?
  • Hayley gives us all her camping knowledge.
  • We learn about Thanksgiving in Namibia.
  • Did anything ever happen with the Handsome Bush Pilot?
  • How did Blair & Hayley dodge a bullet in Namibia?
  • Where did Hayley want to go?
  • Why was Phil arrested?
  • Hayley learns about Phil’s dad.

Join us next week for another interview!

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