Episode #244 – “The Little Blind Podcaster Who Could” – An Amazing Race Canada 4 Special with Lowell Taylor!

Michael & Logan return yet again for an interview, but I bet you didn’t see this one coming – it’s with Lowell Taylor! In this episode:

  • The saga of this episode is continuing.
  • We get an update on a story that no-one will ever hear.
  • Who were the meanest Canadians in Lowell’s cast?
  • We share travel stories.
  • Michael misunderstands a question.
  • What has Lowell been up to since his season aired?
  • Logan learns what a velodrome is and then gets an offer he’s literally not allowed to refuse.
  • Why was everything so easy initially?
  • What is Julie & Lowell’s casting story?
  • How does Julie have the most understanding parents ever?
  • What are Logan’s plans for applying to things?
  • How many puns were there really?
  • We learn about someone who’s a bit Shifty on the crew.
  • What is the perception of blind guys on The Amazing Race?
  • Were there any alternates?
  • Which team came back with PTSD?
  • We suggest a place for Logan to stop on his world tour.
  • Why did Julie & Lowell breeze through Ho Chi Minh City?
  • We get a new quickfire question.
  • Who is the Canadian Covino?
  • An unaired storyline saw Lowell play with Fire.
  • Did anyone else consider taking a penalty at the cable car Roadblock?
  • What was the common theme for a lot of Season 4?
  • What would have happened if Julie & Lowell had won the car prize?
  • Lowell gives us the highlights of The Amazing Race Canada 6.
  • We learn about the Vancouver alumni parties.
  • What has Lowell learned from our podcasts?
  • We learn the origin of “fartface”.
  • How did everyone find out that Ashley was Mrs Universe?
  • We discuss first impressions and how deeply wrong they can be.
  • Do exes get separate rooms?
  • Would Jillian do All-Stars?
  • We hope a Subway promotion wouldn’t see history repeat itself.
  • We find an eating challenge that Logan wouldn’t suck at.
  • Why was Production trying to set Lowell up?
  • Who was the unsung punslinger of Season 4?
  • Did Steph & Kristen defy expectations?
  • How should you use an Express Pass?
  • Why has Monty friend zoned us?
  • Who has the best job in the world?
  • We pick our midseason top moment.
  • Why did the Olympics ruin everything?
  • Logan adds some colour to the Baboon v Badger question.
  • We finally get our exclusive.
  • What two regrets did Lowell have?
  • What went unaired on their elimination leg?
  • We get an update on Lowell’s (apparently dreamy) eyes.
  • And what is misunderstood about Amazing Race Canada?

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