Episode #247 – “The TTOW Sugartits Society” (with Tyler MacNiven)

Michael & Logan return with another Amazing Race 9 interview, this time with winner Tyler MacNiven! In this episode:

  • Has Logan been fighting?
  • How was Tyler cast?
  • Was Amazing Race the best experience of Tyler’s life?
  • Did BJ & Tyler get a call for 31?
  • What opportunity did the non-eliminations provide?
  • Why were MoJo yielded?
  • Why was Elimination Station so terrible in Season 9?
  • A misunderstanding leads to a big Costco order.
  • Why doesn’t Tyler watch Amazing Race anymore?
  • What is the end goal of the podcast?
  • We welcome Tyler to Logan’s obscure reference corner.
  • Tyler tells us about an Australian fan club.
  • What fashion choices did we miss?
  • Is there anything more brutal than the Omani sun?
  • How did BJ & Tyler use the downtime to prepare?
  • What was Tyler’s favourite task?
  • We invoke the spirit of Scott Flanary.
  • Where did the frog hat come from?
  • How did Greece mislead BJ & Tyler and make them come very close to elimination?
  • Why is BJ like Dumbledore?
  • Will we ever see a Kintaro sequel?
  • We get a Netflix recommendation.
  • We get an exclusive Survivor reveal.
  • How did the pre-season sequester win BJ & Tyler the season?
  • Should BJ & Tyler have got a penalty in the finale?
  • What happens when you win?
  • We learn about the BJ Show.
  • Tyler gets an unexpected present from a cameraman.
  • And is Tyler a David or Goliath?

Join us next week for our penultimate interview of the season!

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