Episode #253 – “A Leg in the Leaves?” (with Megan Jones)

Michael & Logan are back once more for some family time with the artist formerly known as Megan Linz! In this episode:

  • We go a bit insider baseball.
  • Logan gets his facts wrong.
  • How were the Linzeseseses cast?
  • Megan has to choose a least favourite sibling.
  • Logan gets patronised.
  • What happened in Leg 1?
  • Did the teams know about the lack of international travel?
  • What reaction would Megan get next time she travels to Canada?
  • We get the Weavers out the way.
  • Logan asks about hypothetical marathons.
  • Everyone feels old.
  • Michael drops another winner into the conversation.
  • What did Tommy’s nickname used to be?
  • Logan loses his nerve.
  • What was the jerkiest thing the Linz boys did?
  • Was there any hesitation about using the Yield?
  • What effect did the London bombings have on the season?
  • Did anyone recognise Kevin & Drew?
  • Were the Linzes contacted for 31?
  • How did Austin & Kenneth really fall into the mud?
  • Where did Logan’s dad’s allergies come from?
  • What happens when you google Brock Rogers?
  • We decide next Summer’s interview series theme.
  • The podcast gets another slogan.
  • Which team should drive for Uber?
  • Megan hurts Les’ feelings.
  • Logan is always down for a bear story.
  • What stereotypes are true?
  • Did the 10-Year Reunion have any gatecrashers?
  • Logan & Megan compare Stassi Schroeder stories.
  • Is the TAR8 cast still close?
  • What foods did the teams get at campgrounds?
  • What did everyone think the reception of Family Edition was going to be?
  • Why didn’t Megan do the trapeze task?
  • Is Michael’s dad trying to give him a complex?
  • Megan compares Space Camp visits.
  • Everyone feels super old.
  • Logan looks up a boring leg.
  • Which Linz wouldn’t care about the mugging penalty?
  • Which family did the Linz boys actually have their eyes on?
  • Which family would have a civil war?
  • Logan makes up a drinking game.
  • Megan guesses a Switchback.
  • We discuss Phil’s accidental racism.
  • And the quickfire questions end up being ridiculous.

Enjoy your New Year and we will see you in 2019 for Wie is de Mol?, Hunted, Belgian Mole and then more Amazing Race (but not Canada)!


One response to “Episode #253 – “A Leg in the Leaves?” (with Megan Jones)

  1. SO disappointed the linzes didnt get on 31…with them and erik + jeremy and kristi + jen we couldve had a solid season…WHY did we need bb and survivor????


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