Episode #255 – Hunted UK Series 4 Episode 1 Recap

Michael, Anthony & Michelle return for another series of Hunted UK and some blissful time for Michelle away from her children. In this episode:

  • Why don’t we speak to each other between series?
  • We address the Chase-shaped elephant in the room.
  • How has Michelle changed the way that Michael watches Hunted?
  • Are KFC giving Kevin O’Leary money?
  • We give some brief thoughts on The Heist.
  • Would Hunted work as well if HQ ever actually won?
  • We break down the pre-episode montage and spot one very interesting clip.
  • What offended us most this week?
  • Anthony has a new toy, and boy do we know about it.
  • Michael requests an impression.
  • There’s a brief bit of old people talking about the war.
  • How crazy are Matt’s achievements?
  • Who is our new favourite pun slinger?
  • Anthony expected something more when he heard about Ish & Nate.
  • Will we see the rollerblades again?
  • How were Nick & Paul *actually* cast?
  • Michael asks someone to change their twitter name.
  • Why didn’t they mention Frank’s job?
  • Why did Michael avoid Twitter during the episode?
  • We discuss the implication of a fifth series.
  • Michael’s superpower is for once not used for evil.
  • How has Loren never had a sleepover before?
  • We make some former fugitive comparisons.
  • When is a sheep not a fox?
  • One fugitive has done alright from being on the run already.
  • We break down the Kevin O’Leary rules.
  • Could Michelle apply?
  • We question Loren’s knowledge base.
  • We become the home of out of date memes.
  • How did Michael cheat at laser quest?
  • What will Michelle do with Logan in Sydney?
  • We notice some quirks of HQ.
  • Who would we taunt if we ever got on the show?
  • We spot a sneaky rule change.
  • We pity one specific camera crew.
  • Michael watches Hunted in an odd way.
  • Have Nick & Paul seen the show before?
  • A sheep interrupts a sentence.
  • Does ANPR apply to A Roads?
  • Why does a piano tuner sound like a cover story?
  • Will Nick & Paul get caught?
  • Did everyone get a wanted poster?
  • We predict the cliffhanger for next week.
  • And we ask everyone politely to stop moaning.


We’ll be back every Sunday, and Michael is also covering Wie is de Mol 2019 with Logan every Wednesday!


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