Episode #257 – Hunted UK Series 4 Episode 2 Recap

Michael, Anthony & Michelle return to recap the second episode of Hunted UK’s fourth series. In this episode:

  • Would an Australian tradie hide a fugitive?
  • Does Fugitive Nick hate us?
  • Anthony gets a three-question exit interview.
  • We give Hunter Doug the attention he so richly craves.
  • We try and avoid a podcast feud.
  • There’s a conspicuous absence in HQ, which gives us a hint for the extraction point.
  • Did the editors change between last week and this episode??
  • Why do we never see couples on Hunted?
  • Why do female fugitives never do well?
  • We cross off a square on the bingo card.
  • Can Michelle actually apply for Hunted?
  • Why won’t certain people tweet us?
  • The cliffhanger is resolved startlingly quickly.
  • HQ finally give us a shoutout.
  • There’s a live twitter answer to a question we raised last week.
  • Michael spots a connection between series.
  • How do you spot a winners’ edit?
  • Who will actually feature next week?
  • Two of us compliment Dr Donna.
  • What is this series’ recurring motif?
  • Is Sherlock ex-Special Forces?
  • Michelle gets confrontational.
  • Who is Hunter May?
  • How do you clear your Google history?
  • We ask for more soundbites.
  • What would be the greatest side effect of everyone tweeting Doug?
  • Someone tries to steal Sherlock’s title.
  • Michael is disgusted.
  • Do fugitives have to taunt HQ?
  • How do fugitives get HQ’s address?
  • Should you ever take a train?
  • Michelle has some thoughts on wigs.
  • Michael spots an error and says the nerdiest thing ever uttered on the podcast.
  • How do you hide your identity on Hunted?
  • We feel sorry for one of the camera crews.
  • We revisit an old favourite from last year.
  • Michael predicts a sequel.
  • A classic pub quiz question appears.
  • We all do some research and then issue a challenge.
  • Does Bleks like hide & seek?
  • Should Emma & Jess have accepted a phone?
  • What code should you use on the run?
  • Anthony has some rules for picking accomplices.
  • We look for sponsors.
  • Michael’s pronunciation is complimented.
  • When is Michelle returning to the UK?
  • Who will be caught next?
  • Who will win?
  • And does Michelle swear?


We’ll be back next week for more Hunted recaps – don’t forget to let us know your suggestions for the collective noun for a group of Hunters and Michael will be back on Wednesday for some Mole hunting!


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