Episode #259 – Hunted UK Series 4 Episode 3 Recap

Michael, Anthony & Michelle are back again to recap the third episode of Hunted’s fourth series. In this episode:

  • Michael’s favourite joke continues.
  • How did Michelle celebrate Australia Day?
  • Why is Hunted a delight to podcast?
  • Anthony foolishly mentions his bet.
  • Michelle remembers our favourite Hunter from Hunted US.
  • Michael spots something that could change everything for one team.
  • Who doesn’t have an iPhone?
  • We critique the usage of our title.
  • Michael asks to be the Hunted Oprah.
  • Does anyone go on Hunted to be covered in bodily fluids?
  • Should you go on the run in Converse?
  • Michael uses Michelle’s words against her.
  • Michelle gets tent envy.
  • Doug gets a warning.
  • Anthony becomes the grammar police.
  • Will Matt get caught?
  • Has Harry seen nettles before?
  • Why do we tend to see pairs?
  • We ask for a gif.
  • Michael makes a mistake (for once).
  • We reveal a couple of secrets.
  • Why didn’t Matt hide in the forest?
  • Michael drops a rule bomb.
  • A former fugitive drops by.
  • We want more crossovers with The Heist.
  • What happened to Ish & Nate’s edit?
  • Sherlock lives up to his name.
  • Anthony tees up a joke badly.
  • Why would you freeze a bank card?
  • Why is everyone in the Peak District?
  • How did Ish & Nate spend so much on breakfast?
  • We’re scared of John the gym owner.
  • Michael spots something in the next time trailer.
  • Michelle breaks down the mechanics of a Bleks quote.
  • It all goes a bit Gone with the Wind.
  • We make some predictions.
  • What is the collective noun for a group of Hunters?
  • What would be our bingo centre square?
  • Kevin O’Leary takes over.
  • And it all gets a bit emotional.


If you want to donate to Paul’s Recovery Café, the link is https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/tracy-melton. We’ll see you next week!


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