Episode #260 – Wie is de Mol 2019 Episode 4 Recap

Michael & Logan are back for the fourth episode of Wie is de Mol 2019. In this episode:

  • Where is Logan?
  • Michael was right.
  • We find the silver lining to Nikkie going.
  • What was Nikkie’s downfall?
  • Has Logan been to Guatapé?
  • Rik gets fact checked.
  • We compare seasons.
  • Sinan gets another new nickname.
  • Someone has a confession three episodes after it would have been helpful.
  • Why did everyone quit cage chicken so quickly?
  • Is it a good thing that Evelien left?
  • Michael spots a potential clue.
  • Logan flexes his pharmaceutical muscles.
  • Tunnelvisie is very much still a thing.
  • Why are we just watching Sinan now?
  • How do you win the balcony challenge?
  • Will challenge performance improve now Evelien is gone?
  • Why does everyone hate each other?
  • Where were the women?
  • Did the Mole lock a tablet?
  • The season gets a new subtitle.
  • Why does no one suspect Niels?
  • What happened to Evelien’s joker?
  • Logan imagines a dictator-only season.
  • Does Joker-gate exclude Niels from being The Mole?
  • Who’s on our suspect lists?
  • And who will be the next to leave?


If you want to play along with this week’s Suspect list, the link is https://goo.gl/forms/JCNge2R3ZcRa1Cmk1


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