Episode #261 – Hunted UK Series 4 Episode 4 Recap

Michael, Anthony & Michelle return to recap the fourth episode of the fourth series of Hunted. In this episode:

  • Anthony’s intro is obvious.
  • Michelle tries to put a rumour to bed.
  • How is the UK heatwave going?
  • What have Anthony & Michael been up to this week?
  • We have a reference for quizzers.
  • Were HQ actually near to Ish & Nate?
  • Michael rants.
  • What is Michelle’s favourite swear word?
  • We discuss banned adverts.
  • Michelle gets threatening.
  • Why did this episode suggest that Matt loses?
  • Michael perfects a one-word impression.
  • We start to pre-empt each other’s jokes.
  • Bleks attempts a tongue twister.
  • Did Frank & Harry get lasagne?
  • How can Hunters “gain access” to properties?
  • Michael rants…again.
  • Why is the fact that Loren got a poster so huge?
  • Are we sold on Loren winning yet?
  • What’s with all our local connections?
  • What is wrong with Derby?
  • Can you trace Facebook calls?
  • Michelle wants the Hunters to be more obvious.
  • Anthony gets into a catchphrase criticism session.
  • We say “savage” too much.
  • Why do we edit the podcast?
  • Is Matt cockier than Michael?
  • Who will be the next professional fugitive?
  • How did the ANPR analysis work?
  • Michelle asks the important questions.
  • Why did Matt want to ambush the hunters?
  • What is the difference between Matt’s plan and Nick Cummings’ decoy?
  • We spot a reshot scene.
  • The Hunters are encouraged to stalk Michael.
  • How long would it take to mail a t-shirt to Australia?
  • Someone doesn’t know their 80s TV.
  • What does Michael watch to cheer himself up?
  • We analyse HQ’s screensavers.
  • Steve Hersee’s legendary pronunciations return.
  • Why wouldn’t Michael apply for Hunted?
  • Michelle has a crush.
  • Michael rants…for a third time.
  • Are service stations ever a good place to visit?
  • Why did Loren cry?
  • Someone does the maps.
  • Matt is compared to a Disney character and Adam Sandler.
  • Is Matt’s plan a bit too obvious?
  • Will we ever see a Lost Wolves-style move again?
  • What was Matt’s biggest mistake?
  • Will Matt’s instinct return?
  • Who will get caught next?
  • There’s a big winner question mark.
  • Michael mentions Shipwrecked.
  • And there’s a wonderful stinger to end the episode.


Michael & Michelle will be back next week before everyone returns for the finale! See you next week.


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