RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4 Episode 8 Cast Rank


RuPaul, what the fuck was that dress? That is… awful.

5. Trinity


Trinity… exists. I’m struggling every week to think of something to say about Trinity, because as I’ve made it clear already, Trinity has no point. This sudden explosion by Naomi has furthered solidified Trinity as the only person left this season who hasn’t done anything. She’s here, in the literal, physical sense, but her entire character and arc could be just as well conveyed by a blow-up doll in a wig.

I mean… her boyfriend’s cute? That’s all I got!

4. Monique


Pretty standard Monique episode all around: had some good lines, a unique runway, and compared Monet’s friend to an albino. This is probably Monique’s single weakest episode, and yet she’s still miles more entertaining than Trinity.

I also love that RuPaul called her out for her passive-aggressive grimace and nod combo, which is a combo I myself am incredibly guilty of, so I totally relate to this.

3. Monet


This is, hands down, the best Monet has ever looked.

So, theory time. I think Monet threw the lip sync so that she wouldn’t be the one to eliminate a member of Latrila. Monet virtually stood still the entire lip sync, a tactic that only works if Kenya is making an ass of herself around you, and gave very light dance moves before doing her umbrella stunt. I’m not entirely sure on this, as the camera was pretty exclusively on Naomi the whole time, and maybe she was trying to evoke a more standard image of Judy Garland, but if you watch exclusively for Monet, you won’t find her doing much beyond the bare minimum. Maybe it’s just wishful thanking, but I think Monet is smart enough to see that no matter her choice, fans weren’t going to be happy with either elimination, and chose to play it safe and let Naomi be the martyr.

2. Latrice Alexis Knight!


One of the best near-constants about family episodes is the loved one who clearly is uncomfortable with everything and everyone, and this time is was Latrice’s friend, Tim. I’m not trying to say Tim isn’t a good friend of Latrice, but you can tell as the episode progresses that he is more and more out of his element. Not helping matters is the fact that Tim himself is this large Bear, taller than even Latrice, and instantly stands out compared to the five-foot-nothing twinks everyone else brought. The judges critiques are full of him making uncomfortable faces and there’s a clear Farrah-level of unease as he’s ready to run off stage and never look back.

What’s even more hilarious is that Tim doesn’t just not fit with the rest of the loved ones, he doesn’t fit with Latrice’s story. The one consistent thread to Latrice’s time on All Stars 4 is that she’s doing this all for her at-the-time forthcoming wedding. We’ve seen her fiance (now husband) during an early episode Tender Moment, and last week Latrice made it a point to say her lip sync winnings were going towards her celebration. And after Manila and Trinity both brought their husbands/boyfriends, you expect her to follow suit. Instead she gifted us with the Laura Boneham of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and I could not be more thankful.

1. Naomi


As we saw in Season 8, Naomi can kill a makeover challenge, and just like then, this was her single best showing of the season. I’m a sucker for androgynous Drag, and Naomi’s transition from Cher to Sonny, porn ‘stache included, was well done.

But let’s be honest with ourselves: she’s number one for eliminating Manila. Rather heartlessly, as well, as she keeps layering on that Manila was one of her favorites during middle school, and that she was one of her heroes. In a clean slice, Naomi removed the Queen with the best track record of the season, and did so with little fanfare or melodrama. Naturally, this has lead to the general fandom turning on her, and my rebellious ass to love her way more than I ever have. For better or worse, Naomi has earned her place in this season, and I can’t wait for the fallout.

I Guess It Wasn’t in the Cards, Manila


Let’s get something out of the way right now: Manila was not robbed. Her and her husband wore hotel bed sheets on the runway. That was some Alaska-level lazy makeover bullshit, and you know it.

I didn’t expect Manila’s exit to be so melodramatic and on the nose, but it kinda fits perfectly. Manila’s entire last episode was filled with over the top sentiments about her husband, the death of Sahara, and her feeling sad that she was in the bottom with Latrice. If it were anymore telegraphed that Manila was going home and that we were suppose to be sad about it, she would have mentioned she was two days from retirement with a pregnant wife at home. It was so utterly excessive, so ludicrously cartoonish, and the fact that Naomi did it as cut and dry as she did was perfect. I may not ever be a Manila Luzon fan, but she was much better here than she was in her first two seasons, and this exit was the perfect send off for the Annoying Orange of Drag.


After successfully consuming the head of her mate, the female praying mantis performs a dance to attract her next victim.



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