Episode #265 – Hunted UK Series 4 Finale Recap

Michael, Anthony & Michelle return for the final time this series to recap the Hunted Series 4 Finale Extravaganza. In this episode:

  • Why was everyone so indifferent towards this finale?
  • Did anyone see the ending coming?
  • Is the extraction point information alert necessary?
  • Can Michelle tell Steves apart?
  • Why did Ish write anything?
  • Why was Ish’s capture so abrupt?
  • What was Frank & Harry’s motivation for going on the run?
  • Anthony gives us his favourite conspiracy theory of the week.
  • Michael breaks the swear barrier.
  • Who was meant to be the voice of reason?
  • How much money did Harry owe Frank from his winnings?
  • Would Ish & Nate have succeeded if they’d stayed together?
  • Where actually is HQ?
  • Would we have given in to £4,000?
  • Was the extraction method phone call longer than we saw?
  • How did Bleks guess they’d leave by helicopter?
  • Does the extraction method have to take them out of the country?
  • Did Frank & Harry watch Amazing Race before they went on the run?
  • Does Sherlock know geography?
  • Michelle learns about ring roads.
  • Did HQ let Nate get away?
  • Why was there a camera in the markets?
  • Michael asks the important questions.
  • Did HQ cheat to get the extraction information?
  • Should we have spotted the clean sweep coming?
  • Where was the winner’s edit?
  • We break down the final capture.
  • Did the fugitives ever stand a chance?
  • Michael has a message for the keyboard warriors.
  • Why was Matt edited in that way?
  • Why did no-one send Anthony a message this year?
  • Did the editors know about Bleks’ retirement?
  • How did the clean sweep factor into Celebrity Hunted?
  • Would the series change on a rewatch?
  • Did the clean sweep constitute fraud?
  • Why are there crowdfunding campaigns?
  • How are TV show prize pots funded?
  • There’s the results of our favourite game.
  • Who should be the next Chief?
  • We find a transatlantic friend for Doug.
  • And we close the series with our thank yous and goodbyes before something breaks.


Thank you for listening all series long – we’ll be back for more Hunted episodes soon! If you’re watching Wie is de Mol, we’re covering that this year before Belgian Mole and Amazing Race 31! See you soon!


One response to “Episode #265 – Hunted UK Series 4 Finale Recap

  1. I’ll be watching Series 5 (and, if it happens, listening to #yourtimeontherun ), don’t worry. You did great work all season (and all last season, because I’m gradually working through Your Time On The Run’s back catalogue).


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