Episode #267 – Wie is de Mol 2019 Episode 8 Recap

Michael & Logan return for the eighth time this season to recap another Wie is de Mol 2019 episode. In this episode:


  • What happened when Logan met Michelle?
  • Will Michael meet any of the contestants at the reunion?
  • Does anyone know who The Mole is yet?
  • What constitutes sports clothes?
  • Why was Niels asking everyone if they were The Mole?
  • What record would Niels set if he was The Mole?
  • Who is a secret Kelly Clarkson fan?
  • Logan plans a blog.
  • How do you easily win the burning money task?
  • Logan learns about the Philippines season.
  • Will they crack €10,000?
  • How will the finale work?
  • Why do the editors tease Sinan?
  • How did Sinan end up controlling the drone?
  • What were the motorbike rules?
  • Does Sinan understand irony?
  • Was the barrel game that bad?
  • Logan worries about inflation.
  • Why is the show *so* popular this year?
  • Would anyone not have opened the joker?
  • Did both jokers have exemptions?
  • Should there have been an additional risk to the Exemption Ker-Plunk game?
  • Can you play Exemption Ker-Plunk as a Mole?
  • Niels tries to find the downsides.
  • Who are the best characters of the season?
  • We eulogise Sinan.
  • Why is Sinan going a worst-case scenario?
  • We try to predict the winner, loser and Mole.
  • Why is the final reveal location so…desolate?
  • And there’s the legally mandated Belgian Mole discussion.


Join us next week for our penultimate episode of Mole Hunting before the live (although not for us!) reunion! If you want to play along with the Suspect List, this week’s link is https://goo.gl/forms/DZr4hriDDbLyRk1m2!


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