Episode #268 – Wie is de Mol 2019 Finale Recap

Michael & Logan return to recap the finale of the Netherlands’ answer to the Super Bowl, Wie is de Mol. In this episode:

  • What happened on Logan’s pub crawl?
  • We obviously eulogise Sinan again.
  • We discuss the naked zit-covered elephant in the room.
  • There’s an unexpected Amazing Race impression.
  • Has this year’s Mole actually been that successful?
  • Why is America so obsessed with strigine things?
  • Did the boat driver deserve some danger money?
  • We ask for comedy sound effects.
  • Why are Disney songs so much more fun in other languages?
  • How did Merel try and complete a tower?
  • Why did we see so much of Niels’ sabotages this week?
  • Michael makes a US Mole comparison.
  • We spot a link between Benelux Moles.
  • How can most assignments be improved?
  • Does Logan like Despacito?
  • We ask for a lip sync battle.
  • Did a piece of music tip us off to who the Mole is?
  • Will history be made at the unmasking?
  • How do you know when everyone suspects the same person?
  • We lock in our final predictions.
  • And we briefly discuss Belgian Mole.


We will see you next week when all is revealed! If you want to play the final Suspect List, it’s at https://goo.gl/forms/pfvgRU6krWj79DSi2. See you soon!


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