Episode #269 – Wie is de Mol 2019 Reunion Recap

Michael & Logan return for the final time to recap the reunion episode of Wie is de Mol 2019, which Michael attended live in Amsterdam! In this episode:

  • Why is this episode odd?
  • Did Michael meet anyone?
  • Was there a language barrier?
  • Quiz performances get critiqued.
  • How did Michael amuse himself while waiting for the show to begin?
  • We get bitter about the sabotages.
  • Logan barks up the wrong tree.
  • Why did everyone groan when Sinan was mentioned at the reunion?
  • Why was Ron invited?
  • We try and work out what went well this season.
  • Was Colombia a back-up?
  • Does Merel as Mole defy the whole point of the show?
  • Why are there so many unanswered questions this year?
  • How did Sinan sabotage Michael’s ambitions?
  • What should be in a reunion show?
  • Logan invokes Amazing Race Canada.
  • What will we see for Season 20?
  • Why did one old Mole drag another away?
  • And Michael discusses the most Sinan thing ever to happen at the reunion.

Thank you for listening all season – we’ll be back every Thursday to say Dag to another Belgian Mole season!


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