Episode #286 – The Amazing Race 31 “Episodes 5 & 6” Recap

Michael & Logan are back to discuss the fifth and sixth episodes of Amazing Race 31 and its visits to Dubai & Uganda! In this episode:

  • Where in the world is Logan Saunders?
  • How did we get a copy of the episode?
  • Should Colin & Christie have been better in Dubai?
  • Why didn’t they use the Burj Khalifa for the Roadblock?
  • Was the Egg-cellent Adventure Detour meant to happen in Japan?
  • Has there ever been a good Middle East leg?
  • Did we finally see the old Colin come out in Dubai?
  • How did Janelle & Britney win their first two legs?
  • Roles reverse as Logan has some information on Rachel.
  • Should Janelle & Britney have brought Art & JJ back?
  • Is it illegal to play Strip Poker in Michigan?
  • Where was Elimination Station?
  • Should Colin & Christie have been saved by a non-elimination leg?
  • Are there any disadvantages to bringing back the Marked for Elimination penalty?
  • Where did Uganda come from?!
  • Logan names ten countries.
  • How did Production get away with *this* Uganda leg?
  • We have to talk about the Edge of Extinction finale.
  • How did Art & JJ react to the Uganda Roadblock?
  • Were Production just trying to be topical?
  • What did Michael’s brother do at Warner Bros?
  • Who thought it would be a good idea to do an inflatable obstacle course in Uganda?
  • How did Becca & Floyd get eliminated?
  • We imagine how Rupert would have dealt with the Roadblock.
  • Logan struggles to pick a Detour.
  • Is the field of refrigerators a tourist attraction?
  • Michael had the chance to show off his geography knowledge.
  • Worlds collide as we find out why a former De Mol candidate wasn’t at the finale.
  • What is Alan Rickman known for in Uganda?
  • Why did General Juma get so much airtime?
  • Will we ever see another Uganda visit?
  • How did Art & JJ manage to come in fourth?
  • We eventually remember about Chris & Bret.
  • Did someone go on a social media blocking spree?
  • Logan critiques raps and then gets some homework.
  • What is the state of this season six episodes in?
  • And Logan makes his predictions for next week.


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