Episode #287 – The Amazing Race 31 Episodes 5 & 6 Recap

Michael, Logan & Michelle are back to discuss a genuinely controversial pair of episodes in Amazing Race 31’s visits to Dubai & Uganda. In this episode:

  • Michelle makes a new noise.
  • Why do we differ so much on these episodes?
  • How did anyone fall for our Fake Recap last week?
  • Why does Michael hate Middle East legs?
  • Will we be covering Amazing Race Canada 7?
  • Michelle tries to defend the indefensible.
  • Why was there no mention of Colin & Christie having gone to Dubai before?
  • Where were the camels?
  • Michael refuses to acknowledge other podcasts.
  • Are Colin & Christie funnier in Zen Mode?
  • Is there a better prize on offer than the Million Dollars?
  • There’s a pop quiz.
  • How boring are Virtual Reality tasks?
  • We spot a bit of delicious irony in the Uganda episode.
  • Why would bungee jumping off the Burj Khalifa be impractical at best?
  • A record is on the verge of being broken!
  • Who would have fallen for the trick Detour?
  • How should Production have messed with Colin?
  • We talk driving tests.
  • Who was best at the silent disco Roadblock?
  • Did we spot a rule change?
  • Logan has a silent disco story.
  • Why did Colin phrase his experience in Dubai so oddly?
  • Who should be more Debbie?
  • Are non-eliminations rigged?
  • Michael & Michelle *really* disagree about the Uganda leg.
  • Why are Tyler & Korey the new Gus & Hera?
  • What did Elitha think a “minaret” was?
  • Why did they have to count the steps between the marks?
  • Michael spots some stupidity.
  • Logan suggests how to improve the Rolex Roadblock.
  • How did Michelle miss Victor getting burned?
  • There’s a last minute recurring joke.
  • Michelle gets angry at the Speed Bump.
  • Why didn’t Colin use either of his catchphrases on the Uganda Detour?
  • What made them do a Tower of Hanoi challenge not in Vietnam?!
  • Have we reached breaking point with returnee seasons?
  • Will they handle the Must-Vote U-Turn terribly?
  • Michelle is a feminist icon.
  • Is Britney more of a comp beast than we remember?
  • Are there too many Double-Battles?
  • How would Jet & Cord have fared in Uganda?
  • Why were only Tyler & Korey narrating in Uganda?
  • We eulogise Janelle & Britney.
  • Michael analyses the statistics.
  • How is this season doing halfway through?
  • What do we know about Uganda after this leg?
  • Did Tyler hint towards Uganda?
  • And who will be eliminated next?

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