Episode #288 – The Amazing Race 31 Episode 7 Recap

Michael, Logan & Michelle swing by to recap the first Swizerland leg of Amazing Race 31. In this episode:

  • Where in the world is Logan Saunders?
  • Why was this episode so boring?
  • Michael learns about a new version of Amazing Race.
  • We tease Michelle about the big Amazing Race news.
  • What will next week’s Double-Battle be?
  • We sort everyone into houses.
  • Michael goes a bit Selina Meyer.
  • Who should have dominated this leg?
  • Why were myths being perpetuated?
  • Just how good are Colin & Christie this season?
  • Why wasn’t the original Nicole & Victor and Rachel & Elitha interaction filmed?
  • Michelle gets angry when the tedium of the Roadblock is pointed out.
  • Would we do the gorge swing?
  • Logan crosses off a podcast bingo square.
  • Michael tries to sound enthusiastic.
  • Would we have been a lot happier if next week’s twist wasn’t spoiled?
  • How much attention have Rachel & Elitha had?
  • Will this season age well?
  • What new things have we learnt?
  • Michael makes a correct prediction.
  • How expensive is Switzerland?
  • What was with the weird Pit Stop justification?
  • How useful is a spa day really?
  • Logan wants a boat.
  • Michael gives an explanation.
  • How transparent is the motive of the Face-to-Face U-Turn?
  • We play a game to prove that no-one proofreads Phil’s scripts.
  • Is Switzerland the world’s oldest democracy?
  • Did Phil go rogue with the U-Turn next week?
  • Why did they spoil the existence of the Face-to-Face U-Turn in the Season preview?
  • How could you liven up the Face-to-Face U-Turn twist?
  • How many votes will Rachel & Elitha get?
  • Who will go home next?
  • Michael considers writing a strongly-worded note.
  • Michelle interrupts.
  • Winners are picked.
  • Just how consistent are Colin & Christie?
  • And Logan makes a promise.

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