Episode #289 – The Amazing Race 31 Episode 8 Recap

Michael, Logan & Michelle return to recap the eighth leg of Amazing Race 31 and the second half of its visit to Switzerland. In this episode:

  • What are our respective histories with bovines?
  • Is Michael still bored by this season?
  • Just how badly are Leo & Jamal doing?
  • Where in the world is Logan Saunders?
  • Why did Phil mention the lack of Non-Elimination legs so much?
  • What record does Rachel have?
  • Is Amazing Race becoming predictable?
  • Which team should you target at a Face-to-Face U-Turn Nomination Ceremony?
  • What is Rachel’s kryptonite?
  • Logan finds out he has fans.
  • Which detour would we have done?
  • Is this Speed Bump already iconic?
  • Should Colin & Christie have helped Rachel & Elitha?
  • There’s another round of Play Your Democracies Right and Logan makes a correction.
  • Should you just copy Colin & Christie?
  • We exclusively reveal the theming of Pokemon Sword & Shield.
  • Would you want to bite the damn apple after the Roadblock?
  • Why did Logan accidentally do Ramadan?
  • Colin gets a new teammate.
  • Why was this leg so short?
  • Should you have run to the Pit Stop?
  • Can Tyler & Korey really claim to have won three legs in a row?
  • What records are left to be set this season?
  • How do we differentiate all the various Rachels on Amazing Race?
  • Did Michael guess the correct job that Michelle would mention?
  • Would Colin & Christie use a future U-Turn?
  • When is the latest U-Turn we’ve seen?
  • Michelle gets the eulogising duty.
  • Will Rachel appear on any more shows?
  • Why are the ratings so bad?
  • Will Croatia live up to its reputation?
  • Michael reveals a task from the Split leg.
  • And Logan & Michelle make some predictions.

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