Episode #290 – The Amazing Race 31 Episode 9 Recap

Michael, Logan & Michelle return again to recap Amazing Race 31’s leg in Croatia. In this episode:

  • Logan forgets where he was.
  • Why did we forget about Season 14?
  • Why won’t Michelle apply for Amazing Race Australia with her husband?
  • When was the last time anyone booked their own flights?
  • Was it a wise idea to do half-veterans?
  • How did it take them so long to get to Zurich?
  • Did Becca push in?
  • Who is the crab of Amazing Race 31?
  • Have the flight rules changed?
  • Logan has been keeping track of bathing suits.
  • Michelle rants despite the lack of Rachel & Elitha.
  • There’s a Futurama impression.
  • Would anyone pick the snorkelling detour?
  • Can tides move metal?
  • Logan & Michelle wonder what “X” is.
  • Michael considers giving Logan a soundtrack.
  • How many times did Chris & Bret actually switch?
  • How difficult was the detour?
  • Did everyone have to perform the poem?
  • We discuss adorable greeters.
  • Logan barks.
  • Michelle spots something.
  • Which Amazing Race task was actually like the lottery?
  • Why was the ending so abrupt?
  • Just how badly are Leo & Jamal doing?
  • We actually answer some questions.
  • Have we ever rowed a boat before?
  • Would Michelle shave her head?
  • Who should do the ditch diving task?
  • Michelle forgets to pay attention.
  • Logan refuses to make a prediction.
  • Who will be U-Turned?
  • And Michael makes a topical reference.


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