Episode #291 – The Amazing Race 31 Episode 10 Recap

Michael, Logan & Michelle return to recap the penultimate episode of Amazing Race 31 and its visit to the Netherlands. In this episode:

  • Where in the world is Logan Saunders?
  • Will we ever ride a tandem bike?
  • Why can’t Logan ride a bike?
  • Michael discusses Dutch trains.
  • Was there any rush to get to Kampen?
  • Where has the intro gone?
  • We name Katy Perry songs.
  • What happens if Leo & Jamal don’t use their U-Turn?
  • Logan threatens to use his Eastern European connections.
  • How did Michael know the cows were ceramic?
  • Is Nicole the worst person ever to do the ditch vault?
  • Michelle tries to stage a title coup.
  • Could you relocate classic movies to Canada?
  • Would we have covered this season if Colin & Christie weren’t on it?
  • Have Leo & Jamal ever not been involved in a U-Turn?
  • Why was there no Roadblock?
  • Logan learns about Catholic feast days.
  • Are Leo & Jamal underplaying their mediocrity?
  • What effect does a U-Turn have on the fun-meter?
  • Why are we rooting for Colin & Christie?
  • Dutch locals are our heroes.
  • Michael can’t hide his contempt.
  • Phil stages an intervention.
  • Why wasn’t Leo & Jamal’s record mentioned?
  • Michelle reluctantly eulogises Becca & Floyd.
  • Why was Becca & Floyd’s exit so awkward?
  • Logan schools Michelle on Amazing Race trivia.
  • What will Leo & Jamal’s storyline next week be?
  • We look ahead to the final two legs.
  • What would Michael have done if he was asked for directions?
  • We briefly touch upon the Finale Party location.
  • Logan tries to avoid making predictions.
  • The first part of our finale podcast is confirmed.
  • And Michael runs down the pre-finale records.

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