Episode #292 – The Amazing Race 31 Episodes 11 & 12 Recap

Michael, Logan & Michelle return for the final time this season to cover the London & Detroit legs and say goodbye to Amazing Race 31. In this episode:

  • Are we pleased by the winners?
  • Logan’s terrible prediction skills come back to bite him.
  • How experienced were the final three?
  • Why did Phil forget a U-Turn?
  • How short-sighted was ganging up on Nicole & Victor?
  • What was different about this England leg?
  • Why is picking up a taxi in the UK illegal?
  • Is Dover Castle well-known for code breaking?
  • Michelle claims to have predicted a quiz.
  • How do we know the Knowledge?
  • Which body of water should you swim in in London?
  • Why did we never notice how unstable skiffs are?
  • Why was the Camden Market task predicted as a Double-Battle?
  • Why did Phil whisper?
  • How was Detroit so heavily spoiled?
  • What crimes have been committed recently?
  • Why did Colin & Christie run with a bag in the finale?
  • Rachel’s job list has a twist.
  • Would we want to do the face-first abseil?
  • Did we see a Colin & Christie blow-up?
  • Michelle forgets to listen.
  • How could Hart Plaza have been so much worse?
  • Was there a decoy team?
  • How long were the teams at the final challenge?
  • How close was the ending?
  • What impact does Colin & Christie winning have?
  • Will we look back on the season fondly?
  • Michael drops a bombshell.
  • We answer your questions.
  • Can a good winning team save a season?
  • What have we actually learned about these teams?
  • Why did Colin & Christie not narrate the season?
  • Which team displayed the first sign of madness?
  • Who would we pick for an All-Winners season?
  • The final quiz ends in controversy.
  • We eulogise the season.
  • Will we be back for Australia 4 or Season 32?
  • There’s a final “Where in the World is Logan Saunders?”
  • And what are our plans for the rest of the year?


Thank you for listening all season – we’ll be back over the rest of the year with some special episodes!


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