Episode #293 – Wie is de Mol 2020 Episode 1 Recap

We’re back! Firstly, Happy New Year – we all hope you have an amazing 2020. Now onto the fun stuff – Wie is de Mol is back, and so are we! And over the next nine weeks, we’ll be discussing the highs and lows of the twentieth season of WIDM.

And, that’s not all – returning from our Belgian coverage last year is our predictions pool, but with a twist! In commemoration of her being the only person in the history of mankind to spot last year’s Dutch Mole, Michelle is joining us for this year’s WIDM pool. As winner of last year’s unofficial pool, Michelle got first pick, followed by Logan as winner of Belgian and then me. Here’s the rules:

  1. Following the premiere, we all ordered the cast from most to least suspicious. Michelle was guaranteed to get her first pick, Logan would get his first unless it matches Michelle’s… and so on, until we each had three people on our team.
  2. The person whose team contains the Mole on the finale night (March 14th) will be crowned the winner. They will win a trophy. In the event that I win, I will also gloat incessantly until I lose in the Belgian one.
  3. During the season, each person has the use of a Switch. In addition to being a fantastic video game console (#notspon), the Switch gives you the power to trade someone from one team with someone from another. There is no requirement for this to be your own team, and does not expire in the event that all of your team are eliminated. Switches can only be used until the episode in which the Final Five becomes the Final Four. If there is a Final Five non-elimination episode, Switches are still valid until that Final Five is no more.

And here are our teams:


Also, if you’re reading this in the Premiere Week, you too can fill in the same form we used – I’ll be keeping an eye on everyone’s list during the season to see who has the best instincts!

I will of course be at the finale again, but this year we are also launching the Get Michael a VIP Pass for the WIDM Finale campaign. Throughout the season, we will be asking you to tweet those involved in the show with the hashtag #MichaelNeedsVIP. If it works, I’ll give you a shoutout on our finale coverage. This does of course mean that there could be an episode about my adventures at the finale…

We hope you enjoy our first episode of the year – episodes will be released at 12pm GMT on a Wednesday all season (hopefully).

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