Episode #313 – De Mol Belgie Greece Episode 4 Recap

Put on your drunk goggles and grab some ouzo as everyone’s favourite series is back, as Best Friend of the Podcast Gilles de Coster invites another ten candidates to join him in some challenges, this time in Greece! As always, one of them has a second motive – to sabotage and restrict the pot as much as possible. Join the famous Belgian singers, Michael & Logan each week to uncover the truth behind the lies and try and find out who will succeed the King of the Regenpijps in our affections. (Spoilers: It’s Bart!)

This week saw our fourth elimination, and it was Laure, so yet again my main suspect has gone home!

In this episode:

  • What in the world is Logan Saunders up to now?
  • Will we be covering German Mole when it returns next month?
  • We correct The Amazing Race again.
  • Who is the Arizona Trashbag of the season so far?
  • Who actually said the pre-episode quote?
  • Christian finally realises what TV show he’s on.
  • What is Bart’s handicap?
  • Did Bart draw some graffiti?
  • I have my third new suspect in three weeks.
  • How prevelant is Careless Whisper?
  • Who on Earth is Nana Mouskouri?
  • What else did the karaoke challenge need?
  • Logan finds out who the latest person who we follow on Instagram is.
  • There’s an unexpected Eurovision reference.
  • Who picks the music for this show?
  • Did Bart & Dorien actually eat that much in the restaurant challenge?
  • I advocate neat alcohol.
  • Logan gets tested.
  • Bart gains self-confidence.
  • Did Bart’s pasvragen gamble make any sense?
  • My instincts were legendarily terrible as always.
  • We give some predictions which will almost certainly see another top suspect go next week.
  • What is the motto of the Belgian Mole Production Team?
  • Who is our dream Final Three?
  • And we end the episode with some bonus material as Alina returns home.

A new season also means a new predictions pool for me to lose at! In our Belgie premiere, Logan & I each drafted four candidates – whoever was left over joined the team who lost someone in Week 2. Our fan-favourite Switches also return and can – as with WIDM – be used until final five becomes final four – which is only two weeks away!

With Laure being eliminated, that means my team is now just Christian & Dorien and Logan’s is Alina, Bart, Jolien & Salim.

See you next week!

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