Episode #318 – De Mol Belgie Greece Reunion Recap & Season Wrap-Up

Don’t let the clock start ticking down agian, because it’s time for everyone’s favourite series to finish for another year, as Best Friend of the Podcast Gilles de Coster invited another ten candidates to join him in some challenges, this time in Greece! As always, one of them had a second motive – to sabotage and restrict the pot as much as possible. Last week, we finally uncovered the truth behind the lies and found out who has succeeded the King of the Regenpijps in our affections (spoilers: Bart), but now it’s time to finish up the season!

In this episode:

  • We learn our new favourite Flemish word.
  • Has Amazing Race been cancelled?
  • What is the post-Mole life like?
  • We try and not mispronounce Jolien’s name *again*.
  • Was the reveal always going to be done this way?
  • How many times did Alina watch the finale?
  • How many people really identified Alina as Mole?
  • Bart somehow defied our expectations with the first exemption.
  • Roles reverse as everyone else has tunnelvisie, but I escape it!
  • Logan learns about game shows.
  • We’ve finally learned to pay attention to music in this show.
  • How many times did Bart save himself?
  • Is Jolien the best winner ever?
  • Has anyone ever changed their mind at Final Four?
  • Why did they point out how badly Gilles did in Week 1?
  • Who is “The Jane”?
  • How popular is this show?
  • We have a final (hopefully!) list of corrections.
  • Is there a bad Belgian Mole?
  • Who is the Belgian Beetlejuice?
  • We eulogise the season.
  • And we end with one of our biggest announcements ever.

Thank you for listening each week and we will see you very soon for our next show which is…


De Mol Belgie: Argentina!

See you soon!

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