Episode #319 – “I See A Quote Coming My Way” – A De Mol Belgie Special Episode with Bart Lintermans!

We’ve been taking a well-earned break for the past few weeks, but we’re interrupting our off-season for one little treat – a sit-down chat with the breakout star of the most recent Belgian Mole season – Bart Lintermans! In this episode:

  • Is there any evidence of Bart being our favourite?
  • What has Bart’s lockdown been like?
  • Was Bart aware of the international community?
  • How would Bart do in the ostrich maze?
  • Why did Bart bid so much for the first exemption?
  • Was Bart really ostracised?
  • How did it feel to get the secret red screen?
  • Was Salim’s old age make-up actually convincing?
  • Why did Bart agree to hold the watermelon?
  • I spot a sneaky musical cue.
  • What did Bart underestimate about being on The Mole?
  • We get out-superfanned.
  • Who actually tried to steal Bart’s beer?
  • Why did Dorien vomit?
  • How did Bart end up suspecting Alina?
  • Bart plays Never Have I Ever.
  • Does Lithuania have stereotypes?
  • Which challenge does Bart wish he’d done?
  • How big is The Mole in Flanders?
  • How would Bart have done at the shoplifting challenge?
  • Why was Alina allowed to count the money in the finale?
  • Was Jolien ever hesitant about suspecting Alina?
  • Which questions did Bart miss?
  • When should you stop spreading on tests?
  • And what did Bart actually do to be so suspected?

Thank you for joining us – we’ll return on July 9th for De Mol Belgie: Argentina!

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