Episode #325 – De Mol Belgie Argentina Episode 6 Recap

Pretend you are the Mole and that no-one else can hear us, as we are back again for some brand-new/old Belgian Mole! Between now and the start of Wie is de Mol Season 21, Logan & I will go back to an episode of one of the two Belgian seasons that we haven’t covered before each week – looking for the clues we missed and refreshing our memories on two of the best seasons we never covered, continuing with the sixth episode of the Argentina season this week! In this episode:

  • Who brought a guitar?
  • Marc gets an art lesson.
  • Why was Thibaud so underedited?
  • Who was in Hanne’s shower?
  • I refuse to rewrite a Christmas Carol.
  • We learn about Argentine culture.
  • Carlos Paloma joins a very exclusive club.
  • Why does Hanne constantly solve things just too late?
  • Did the couriers have number plates?
  • What happened to the courier who delivered Carlos’ pizza?
  • Why didn’t Hanne ring the police?
  • Did we notice the Mole react behind the two-way mirror?
  • Logan has a creative way to find out who the Mole is.
  • I spot some deep irony about some advice that we give.
  • We finally get to the iconic challenge of the season.
  • Why did everyone suck at the subway challenge?
  • Have Hanne & Stijn become fanatical?
  • We find an unaired stop from Amazing Race Canada’s Buenos Aires leg.
  • I spot another continuity issue.
  • We dissect the iconic ending scene of the subway challenge.
  • The Emotional Sledgehammer that is Cathy returns.
  • Why did Hanne hate Buenos Aires?
  • Logan has some Buenos Aires metro stories.
  • Is the Pasvragen Mind Game the worst performance by a group of candidates ever?
  • Why was everyone sat at desks for the execution?
  • And did Cathy finally stop being Public Enemy Number One?

See you next week!

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