Episode #326 – De Mol Belgie Argentina Episode 7 Recap

Take your lens cap off the camera and start searching for birds, as we are back again for some brand-new/old Belgian Mole! Between now and the start of Wie is de Mol Season 21, Logan & I will go back to an episode of one of the two Belgian seasons that we haven’t covered before each week – looking for the clues we missed and refreshing our memories on two of the best seasons we never covered, continuing with the penultimate episode of the Argentina season this week! In this episode:

  • Did Carlos claim another victim?
  • What would happen if this episode had aired on an American show?
  • What did Cathy do with the Argentinean baby?
  • Why did the Baby Hitler conversation air?
  • How would the Baby Hitler conversation be received now?
  • I spot something in the biographies that puts someone’s actions into context.
  • What is Pokémon’s new slogan?
  • Was Fernanda hitting on Stijn?
  • What happened in the downtime between challenges?
  • Everyone second-guesses what this show makes Hanne & Gilles do.
  • How did we know Hanne was tired?
  • What is unique about the El Pato challenge?
  • Do moustaches make you evil?
  • Did one pair have an encounter with elderly Hitler and not know it?
  • Logan learns about Adolf Eichmann.
  • Were they the real diaries on the raft?
  • Did Stijn have any incentive to pull his weight?
  • What was in Marc’s diary?
  • Whose diary should you pick?
  • Who would you want to face off against in a final three?
  • Did strategies change after this season?
  • Whose story is Episode 7?
  • How much of an influence do alliances have in The Mole?
  • We provide some 2020 hindsight.
  • And we look ahead/back to the final two episodes of the season.

See you next week!

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