Episode #329 – Wie is de Mol: Renaissance Episode 1 Recap

Open your windows and stop treating the Mole like a gas leak, as in a shocking turn of events, Wie is de Mol has returned for a second time this year, and so have we! Over the next eight episodes, Logan & I will be discussing the highs and lows of the bonus season of WIDM as the next part of what is evidently becoming our Year of the Mole!

In this week’s recap:

  • Logan reveals a massive spoiler for what we’ve been up to.
  • We experience a renaissance of our own.
  • Is WIDM cursed?
  • Will we get another season in January?
  • We do a mini cast preview now we know who they all are.
  • Which seasons were notably missing a representative?
  • Why is Ron so popular?
  • How random were the casting choices?
  • Why do I dislike Tygo so much?
  • What are the chances that anyone spoke Dutch in Montecchio?
  • What is the issue with doing a Mole All-Star season?
  • Can we narrow down our Moles already?
  • Is there a requirement for them to make the Mole respected this season?
  • How many seasons are actually represented?
  • Logan pitches a distinctly less sexy version of a calendar.
  • Did the Mole sabotage the list challenge?
  • What was the team’s thought process when suggesting Italian names?
  • Should they have allowed outside the box thinking?
  • Does a good Mole save a season?
  • We try and avoid spoiling old seasons.
  • Should everyone have seen the exemption twist coming?
  • Would you declare the €250?
  • Did the Mole actually steal the exemptions?
  • We re-eulogise the first boot.
  • Logan is smug.
  • Who was I rooting for to go home?
  • Why was Peggy so underedited?
  • Who do we suspect?
  • And how the hell am I already so tunnel visioned?!

Also returning from our Dutch & Belgian coverage earlier in the year is our predictions pool! Now that the first episode has aired, Michelle, Logan & I will each be drafting three people for our teams. As winner of the last pool, I get first pick, then Michelle, then Logan. The rules were as follows:

  1. Following the premiere, we will all order the cast from most to least suspicious. I was guaranteed to get my first pick, Michelle would get her first unless it matches mine… and so on, until we each have three people on our team.
  2. The person whose team contains the Mole on the finale night will be crowned the winner. In the event that I win again, I will also gloat incessantly until I lose next year’s Dutch one.
  3. During the season, each person has the use of a Switch. The Switch gives you the power to trade someone from one team with someone from another. There is no requirement for this to be your own team, and does not expire in the event that all of your team are eliminated.
  4. Only one Switch can be used per week and all Switches expire one the episode in which the Final Five becomes the Final Four airs. If there is a Final Five non-elimination episode, Switches are still valid until that Final Five is no more.

Teams will be revealed during next week’s episode!

Also, if you’re reading this in the Premiere Week, you too can fill in the same form we’re using – I’ll be keeping an eye on everyone’s list during the season to see who has the best instincts!

We hope you enjoy our first episode of the season – episodes will be released at 9pm BST on a Wednesday all season.

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