Episode #330 – Wie is de Mol: Renaissance Episode 2 Recap

Find an atlas and see where the EU ends, as in a shocking turn of events, Wie is de Mol has returned for a second time this year and so have we! Over these eight episodes, Logan & I will be discussing the highs and lows of the bonus season of WIDM as the next part of what is evidently becoming our Year of the Mole, continuing this week with us saying goodbye to Nadja!

In our recap:

  • How will Logan remember 2020?
  • We try and work out the timeline.
  • I have a slight problem with the maximum prize money for one challenge.
  • Someone proves to be a big Ben Stiller fan.
  • How slow did they have to move?
  • Where was the Mole?
  • How low were their winnings from the money rocks challenge?
  • Why didn’t Peggy speak last week?
  • How did the group of five miss their €25 blocks?
  • Why do I suffer from tunnel vision so easily?
  • How badly did the group of five do?
  • Why shouldn’t they have searched each other?
  • What is the main difference between the Belgian & Dutch Mole franchises?
  • Was Ron channelling Marge Simpson at the laser game?
  • Does it matter where the Mole was in the laser game?
  • Who picked up the -€100?
  • Just how bad was the Mole money in China?
  • Has Ellie had more references in later seasons than any other candidate?
  • Where did they pluck such a good laser game from?
  • Why didn’t they cut the tripwires?
  • I finally tell the story of a one-sided feud that a middle-aged woman had with me.
  • Why did everyone actually claim the jokers?
  • Could they not have found some money in the budget to stump for an actual finish line?
  • Why is Wie is de Mol so cheap?
  • Why didn’t Ron spot Tygo at breakfast?
  • Is it a bad idea to have a bond with the Mole?
  • What should you ask about Italy?
  • Why was Ellie so at home on the bridge?
  • Can we rule Patrick out for choosing the €1500?
  • Was there a reason for the Ellie Chair twist?
  • We officially mark the start of our Predictions Pool and First Suspicions games by getting mathematical.
  • Who do we suspect?
  • And we discuss all the important information we missed last week.

In the predictions pool, our teams have finally been drawn!

Michael Nikkie Tygo Patrick
Michelle Horace Ellie Ron
Logan Jeroen Nadja Peggy

However, there was an elimination…

Logan’s team lost their first person, leaving him with Jeroen & Peggy. My team still has Nikkie, Tygo & Patrick and Michelle’s still has Horace, Ellie & Ron.

Don’t forget to join us next week for more Mole Hunting!

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