Episode #331 – Wie is de Mol: Renaissance Episode 3 Recap

Think about all your childhood dreams of shooting bows & arrows and come celebrate Logan’s 250th episode with us as in a shocking turn of events, Wie is de Mol has returned for a second time this year and so have we! Over these eight episodes, Logan & I will be discussing the highs and lows of the bonus season of WIDM as the next part of what is evidently becoming our Year of the Mole, continuing this week with us saying goodbye again to Horace!

In our recap:

  • Will there be a live reveal?
  • I offer a wholehearted apology.
  • Is it really Logan’s 250th episode?
  • Why was Nikkie not drinking?
  • Who was the focus this episode?
  • Do you always say yes to a bond?
  • Will Ellie’s bonds become crucially important to the season?
  • How does this cast compare to Big Brother 22 when they’re both at Final 8?
  • Is a graphic always helpful?
  • What happened with the €100 note?
  • Was this the best episode of the three so far?
  • Who is emerging as the sneakily funniest person of the season?
  • Where is the transparency?
  • Was the Mole in the town?
  • How did the Mole sabotage the shutters?
  • I spot a potential Mole quote.
  • When was the last time WIDM went to a cold location?
  • Who should you be watching this episode?
  • Can the Mole actually sabotage the medieval fort challenge?
  • Did Ron make a bad taste joke?
  • Does anyone dream of shooting a bow and arrow as a child?
  • Is archery taught at Police Academy?
  • What is Nikkie’s obsession with the Hunger Games?
  • How can you have three and a half suspects?
  • Is it a good three-episode pot?
  • What is Horace famous for?
  • Was Logan right about the filming schedule?
  • Who do we suspect?
  • And do we agree with the Dutch public?

In the predictions pool, Michelle lost her first person, leaving her with Ellie & Ron. Logan still has Jeroen & Peggy and I still have Nikkie, Tygo & Patrick.

Don’t forget to join us next week for more Mole Hunting!

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