Episode #334 – The Amazing Race 32 Season Preview

Start the countdown timer, as we are back to cover our (potentially!) final season of Amazing Race – the eternally delayed Season 32 – beginning with our favourite episode of the season: the Cast Preview!

In this episode:

  • Does CBS even care about Amazing Race anymore?
  • Will Season 33 even finish filming?
  • We lay down the ground rules.
  • Did someone set the record for the shortest bio ever?
  • Is this cast truly unknown to us?
  • Logan goes hunting for sponsors.
  • There’s a surprising amount of compliments for one of our previews.
  • We almost immediately invoke the names of my favourite team.
  • When did Eswar actually learn to swim?
  • Why are there so many hyphens?
  • Have Riley & Maddison ever seen Amazing Race before?
  • Logan gives a lesson on adjectives.
  • There’s some spectacular accent work.
  • Where would we know Gary & DeAngelo from?
  • There’s an immaturity test.
  • What does “badass car rider line parent” actually mean?
  • Will DeAngelo be okay if they come second on a leg?
  • Is Amazing Race a sport?
  • Where have all the parent/child teams been?
  • What is Jerry’s longest answer?
  • Is “the middle seat” a cop-out answer?
  • What is Spain famous for?
  • What is the most common “country” that this cast wants to go to?
  • How am I already the most popular host of this preview?
  • We prove to be worryingly in-sync.
  • We spot a pretty big contradiction in someone’s preferred location and fear.
  • One Racer shocks us with a very creative location choice.
  • A hobby finally defeats us.
  • Do professional athletes arrange their own travel?
  • How do we know that it’s been forever since this season filmed?
  • Leo earns himself the first nickname of the season.
  • Can we rule out one team from winning any legs?
  • The three hobbies that Logan put on his Amazing Race Canada applications are revealed.
  • What is our word of the day?
  • How is this cast so diverse?
  • Joey Chestnut is somehow still relevant.
  • There’s a truly suprising prediction, leading to an even more terrible joke.
  • Were there any spoilers this season?
  • Is Charleston that holy?
  • Who is the hardest person to Google this season?
  • Someone has a very interesting hobby.
  • Did I see an Amazing Race winner last year?
  • Does one team know “Big Nipples Shannon”?
  • Is wine an activity?
  • Little Shop of Horrors gets a 2020 update.
  • We try not to be insensitive for once.
  • There’s a surprising Dancing With The Stars discussion.
  • Someone needs to stay away from Nevada.
  • We announce a spin-off podcast.
  • My hatred of a particular show is finally brought up.
  • We finally reveal who we have history with.
  • Are we actually that mean?
  • How do you win our support immediately?
  • We break a rule.
  • Do we naturally root against super fans?
  • Will we get a proposal?
  • And we have been back into the archives to find a very interesting piece of audio.

We will be back next Sunday to recap the first episode and every Sunday after that as episodes air! See you then!

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