Episode #335 – Wie is de Mol: Renaissance Episode 6 Recap

Watch out for weird things happening wherever you go, as in a shocking turn of events, Wie is de Mol has returned for a second time this year and so have we! Over these eight episodes, Logan & I will be discussing the highs and lows of the bonus season of WIDM as the next part of what is evidently becoming our Year of the Mole, continuing this week with the sixth episode and the execution of both Patrick & Ron!

In our recap:

  • How much of a snoozer was this episode?
  • We feign enthusiasm for a celebration or two.
  • Should they ever do this twist again?
  • Did we notice Tygo & Nikkie’s absence?
  • Why did they repeat exactly what we just saw?
  • How bad was the weather on Elba?
  • Did the contestants enjoy the trip to Elba?
  • Why did they highlight the “Elba” in the challenge name?
  • Is anyone sad to hear my voice?
  • Where did the saw come from?
  • Was the challenge unfair?
  • There’s a rare bit of praise for Amazing Race.
  • Was it as close as it seemed?
  • We try and improve the challenge.
  • Why did we not get a solution to the theatre sub-challenge?
  • Is Ron cursed?
  • Will everyone do all three challenges?
  • How low is the maximum pot?
  • What was the worst thing about the execution for Logan?
  • Did the Mole take the test?
  • How lucrative was this episode?
  • Who do the Dutch public suspect?
  • Who do we suspect?
  • Is Jeroen a big enough name to make the Mole?
  • Will a hypothesis from a few weeks back come true?
  • How is everyone doing on First Suspicions?
  • And who is going to be going before the end of the finale?

In the predictions pool, my team lost its first person in Patrick, but it was Michelle’s team that suffered the ultimate loss – with Ron’s execution, Michelle is out! My team is now Nikkie & Tygo and Logan’s is now Jeroen & Peggy.

Don’t forget to join us next week for more Mole Hunting!

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