Episode #337 – Wie is de Mol: Renaissance Episode 7 Recap

Search for a satisfying ending, as in a shocking turn of events, Wie is de Mol has returned for a second time this year and so have we! Over these eight episodes, Logan & I will be discussing the highs and lows of the bonus season of WIDM as the next part of what is evidently becoming our Year of the Mole, continuing this week with the seventh episode, the execution of Peggy and the reveal that Tygo isn’t the Mole either!

In our recap:

  • Was the first challenge that egregious?
  • How much of the season was utterly pointless?
  • Was Peggy hard done by?
  • How were they meant to earn cash on the first challenge?
  • What would we have done to win the first challenge?
  • Why is the old Mole choice so interesting in this episode?
  • Do Production even acknowledge the civilian seasons anymore?
  • Will the old Mole cameos continue?
  • Was history made on the Final Four quiz?
  • Did Peggy really make it into the finale?
  • How do 6% of the Dutch public STILL suspect Tygo?
  • Did we ever suspect Tygo?
  • Was there an Instagram spoiler?
  • Is the final challenge underwhelming?
  • How can the season vary so wildly in quality?
  • Should Tygo have got credit for his make-up answer?
  • Logan searches for an analogy.
  • How low is the maximum pot?
  • Is it a concern when no-one finds the Mole partway through the season?
  • Do the episode titles now finally make sense?
  • How impressive were our post-premiere predictions?
  • What would be a satisfying ending to this season?
  • Does the winner matter that much?
  • Is this the shortest filming schedule?
  • Logan messes up his final prediction.
  • Is there some really awkward comedy coming next week?
  • I try and brighten everyone’s day by revealing some information that I’ve been given.
  • And there’s the penultimate pool and first suspicions update.

In the predictions pool, Logan is officially just down to Jeroen and I still have Nikkie & Tygo. However, with Tygo being ruled out too, that means it’s a straight fight – me with Nikkie and Logan with Jeroen!

Don’t forget to join us next week to reveal the Mole!

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