Episode #343 – The Amazing Race 32 “Episode 5” Recap

Make sure to prepare your leaving speech, as we are back for our (potentially!) final Amazing Race season ever – the eternally delayed Season 32! Over these episodes, you can join Logan, Michelle & I to dissect each episode as we count down to the end of our Amazing Race coverage, continuing this week with the fifth leg! This week however, it’s just Logan & me!

In our recap:

  • Where is Michelle this week?
  • Where were the departure times?
  • Who thought they were heading back to the US?
  • We discuss state nicknames.
  • We lament the passing of Alex Trebek.
  • What movie did they watch on the plane?
  • How did Will practice driving a manual car?
  • When did Leo learn his stunt driving?
  • What do the editors want us to know about the feud between Leo & Alana and James & Will?
  • Why didn’t Michelle & Victoria speak French?
  • Which team is most like Pokémon?
  • Where did the Deaf Yield come from?
  • What happened when Gary & DeAngelo reached the Yield board?
  • Was the Speed Bump finally worthwhile?
  • When is the worst possible time to be a show-off?
  • Did James & Will have the most shocking elimination ever?
  • Where was Elimination Station?
  • What was the unaired Fast Forward?
  • And will there be another non-elimination episode next week?

Thank you for listening – we will be back next Sunday for Legs 6 & 7!

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