Episode #345 – The Amazing Race 32 Episode 5 Recap

Show off your strengths, as we are back for our (potentially!) final Amazing Race season ever – the eternally delayed Season 32! Over these episodes, you can join Logan, Michelle & I to dissect each episode as we count down to the end of our Amazing Race coverage, continuing this week with the fifth leg!

In our recap:

  • Michelle learns a new word.
  • Why does nobody trust us anymore?
  • Why were there no departure times?
  • Did we need another Paris visit?
  • Logan reveals a dealbreaker.
  • Who is “Stephen”?
  • Were there any awkward interactions when going through security?
  • Was there any excuse for not knowing how to drive a manual car?
  • Did the weather give Riley & Maddison an advantage?
  • How much help did Leo really give?
  • I try and work out how Will managed to get so panicked when driving.
  • Why are they telling such odd stories?
  • What is an “Art monster”?
  • Michelle learns about memes.
  • What is Chantilly Cream?
  • What did Victoria have an eye for really?
  • Logan wants to rant.
  • What reminds us of Spaceballs?
  • Why do we see so little of Aparna & Eswar?
  • Was someone watching Survivor: Gabon before the season?
  • I follow-up on a promise from the fake recap.
  • Why is the alliance unpopular?
  • Why didn’t Leo’s baseball skills help him?
  • Where would you have seen the Pit Stop before?
  • Michelle goes on scarfwatch.
  • Can we predict the winner halfway into the season?
  • Why don’t we see many married parents on the Race anymore?
  • How did Michelle & Victoria get so lost?
  • How many “a”s are in the word “spa”?
  • We try not to stereotype too much.
  • We have to compare some ratings.
  • Who’s going to win?
  • Logan makes a promise for next week.
  • And we eulogise Michelle & Victoria in our own special way.

Thank you for listening – we will be back next Sunday for Legs 6 & 7!

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