Episode #348 – De Mol Belgie South Africa Episode 4 Recap

Try and get out of Scrabble Camp early, as we are back again for some brand-new/old Belgian Mole! Over these eight weeks, Logan & I will be going back to an episode of one of the two Belgian seasons that we haven’t covered before each week – looking for the clues we missed and refreshing our memories on two of the best seasons we never covered, continuing with the fourth episode of the South Africa season this week! In this episode:

  • Why is the pot so high?
  • Logan’s worst nightmare is revealed in the first challenge.
  • How did they make the first challenge more difficult?
  • I take back a compliment from earlier in the season.
  • Do carpenters chop logs?
  • Davey learns where wood comes from.
  • Who is the main character of both this and last episode?
  • Would you want to reveal that you saved yourself in Episode 3?
  • Do the sunglasses still have any value?
  • How impossible is the rowing mini-challenge?
  • Will this be the last time we ever mention this episode’s boot?
  • What is the mantra of 75% of episodes of The Mole?
  • Logan loves big things.
  • I’ve been doing some digging.
  • Logan’s favourite non-Davey Belgian makes an appearance.
  • Where do the ostriches come from?
  • The season gets a new title.
  • Did the Mole need to Mole the ostrich maze challenge?
  • How does Robin play Scrabble five times a day?
  • How could the ostrich challenge have been even funnier?
  • Has Gilles been to Australia recently?
  • There’s a bit of housekeeping as we try and figure out a maximum prize.
  • It all gets a bit Gene Wilder.
  • There’s some more dated references.
  • How could you make the secret loved ones filming funnier?
  • Which town halls did we know?
  • Did Hans do particularly badly?
  • Could you do the Hans Free challenge anywhere else?
  • Have we ever been to Belgium?
  • What would be Annelies’ #1 sabotage so far?
  • We discuss instant red screens.
  • Is this the biggest advantage ever given on Belgian Mole?
  • What was Bertrand’s biggest mistake?
  • And when is the worst time to go home?

See you next week!

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