Episode #350 – De Mol Belgie South Africa Episode 5 Recap

Start throwing your thumbs, as we are back again for some brand-new/old Belgian Mole! Over these eight weeks, Logan & I will be going back to an episode of one of the two Belgian seasons that we haven’t covered before each week – looking for the clues we missed and refreshing our memories on two of the best seasons we never covered, continuing with the fifth episode of the South Africa season this week! In this episode:

  • We set a new personal best.
  • Have we had a devastating execution yet?
  • Did Hans have an advantage?
  • Logan takes a well-earned moth break.
  • We 100% do not have an e-Reader sponsor.
  • Why don’t we find out Sam’s mother’s name?
  • Who gets a bit of a breakout this episode?
  • How would you approach the sat nav challenge?
  • Was it a fluke that they won money in the sat nav challenge?
  • What were the off-air rules?
  • How did I forget that they won the sat nav challenge?
  • Who gets a Green Lantern?
  • Would any 90s kid know who played at Woodstock?
  • I indulge in some pedantry.
  • Did Marie Curie write novels?
  • We’re both wrong.
  • What films would Sam have seen?
  • Why was the loved ones challenge in the middle of nowhere?
  • I’ve done a bit of googling.
  • We spitball some new rules.
  • Why was everyone so loose with their paintballs?
  • Was Hans’ decision one of the stupidest moves in Mole history?
  • Is Hans’ girlfriend a curse?
  • Are we finally going to see a terrible challenge next week?
  • And what did the Mole do?

See you next week!

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