Episode #353 – The Amazing Race 32 Episode 11 Recap

Whisper quietly just in case someone’s a little tender this morning, as we are back for our (potentially!) final Amazing Race season ever – the eternally delayed Season 32! Over these episodes, you can join Logan, Michelle & I to dissect each episode as we count down to the end of our Amazing Race coverage, continuing this week with the tenth leg!

In our recap:

  • Is Michelle hungover?
  • Why is this week like Christmas for Logan?
  • Is any of the complaining from fans justified?
  • We celebrate a birthday, and I’ve brought gifts.
  • Can teams take their trips yet?
  • We fact check Phil.
  • How bad in Manila’s traffic?
  • Did they need to tell the teams that Phil would meet them at Lapu Lapu Circle?
  • Have James & Will been to the Philippines before?
  • Did Hung & Chee have a half-spiritual advantage?
  • Was there nearly a data protection issue in this episode?
  • Is it forgetfulness that they forgot about all-Active Route Info legs?
  • Can we actually read into the edit to guess a winner this season?
  • Michelle has been feeding the trolls.
  • We’ve found an eight-year-old petition.
  • Was there time for sightseeing on this leg?
  • Logan has all the jeepney knowledge.
  • We talk dodgy Christmas singles.
  • Is the high heel race a real thing?
  • Did Production tell the truth about Binondo?
  • Are Hung & Chee falling apart?
  • What is the difference between a lion and a velociraptor?
  • Michelle defends the little box.
  • Why was the memory challenge so broken?
  • There is an entry to the Hall of Shame.
  • How long was Gary & DeAngelo’s penalty?
  • Was DeAngelo’s speech edited?
  • I add a few caveats to winner’s edit discussions.
  • Does having a satisfying winner matter?
  • How would the winners be feeling now?
  • Are the editors telling a reliable story?
  • How are Production going to make sure the audience is happy with the winners?
  • Who do we think will win?
  • How dominant were the Final Three?
  • Why was the All-Active Route Info leg so compressed location-wise?
  • Will we see a proposal?
  • I end a pre-season mystery.
  • Logan puts his foot in his mouth.
  • And Michelle tries a new sign-off.

Thank you for listening – we will be back next Sunday for the final leg!

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